Facilities For Guests

If you’re not sure what facilities we have in the house and what you’d need to bring, read on! First you’ll find facilities which everyone would want to use, and then further down you’ll find information for specific groups of guests.

The Holt is on mains water supply and has mains electricity and gas central heating.


There are plenty of good food shops and local supermarkets near The Holt. Details are provided in the guest information folder in the house.

We provide you with tea, coffee, sugar, milk and a welcome cake for your first night, plus a loaf, butter, marmalade and eggs for your first breakfast. We also provide cooking oil, wine vinegar, salt and pepper. We want you to be able to sit down and relax with a cuppa when you get here, not have to dash straight out again because you forgot the milk.

We know it’s a bind packing all your groceries for the week, so if you wish you can order groceries online and have them delivered to us during our changeover period (between 10 and 3 on the day of your arrival) and we will accept the delivery and put away any frozen and chilled products for you. Please ask about this service when booking and we will direct you to the local supermarkets which can deliver to this address.

There is an under counter freezer in the kitchen so you can buy or order convenient foods to cook while you’re here, store baby food, or simply indulge in a few ice creams on the terrace!


We want everyone who visits The Holt to make the most of the beautiful countryside, enjoy themselves, and not worry about coming home mucky or muddy.

We have a newly fitted utility and boot room, with a drying airer, and racks, pegs and drip trays for muddy boots and wet coats.

The utility has a washing machine and a tumble dryer with a self-sensor (which automatically switches off when garments are dry). There is also a sink for cleaning mucky equipment.

If you need to iron anything, there is an ironing board and steam iron.

The house is cleaned before and after your visit, but if you need to wipe up spills or clean anything during your stay there is a small range of cleaning fluids in the utility and plenty of cloths for cleaning up mucky items without worrying about ruining anything.


All beds come with full bedding and an extra throw blanket for cold nights. Each guest will have a set of towels, plus there are shared hand towels in each bathroom for handwashing. Bedding is always freshly laundered for guests. Parents – please see the section on facilities for families below for information about children’s bedding.


There is a TV with freeview in the living room, plus a DVD player.

There is also a stereo which plays CD, radio, and docks (plays and charges) most models of iPhones and iPods, and also connects to most MP3 players, so you don’t need to bring your own speakers, but if you have an MP3 player it would be worth bringing your speaker cable.

In the living room there is a selection of games, puzzles and books for all ages.

Leaflets about local attractions can also be found on site. If there is something specific you wish to find out, please let us know on booking and we’ll certainly do our best.


There is free to use Wi-Fi on site.

There a land line on site, which is set up for incoming calls only (and 999 calls).

Mobile reception is good or reasonable on most mobile networks. Please ensure you have a phone for emergencies.

There is a post box half way down the hill, around 100 metres from the house. There is a Post Office and three major banks plus two pharmacies in the town at the bottom of the hill.


There is ample parking on site for several cars, plus a parking bay on the Burway road around 20 metres from the drive.

There is a single garage which is suitable for parking a motorbike, or any other equipment which you wish to secure. Please enquire in advance if you need the use of the garage as we sometime store seasonal items in there and will need to make sure it is cleared for you.

The garage is fitted with metal rings to lock your bikes up.

The Burway road is a steep hill, but the Holt is on the publicly maintained and gritted part of the road. Therefore it is accessible to ordinary family cars in all but the very worst conditions, including most snow, although if you are coming during snow or ice you should ensure your tyres are maintained suitably for a steep road. Please enquire if you have any concerns.


The kitchen has the following facilities for your use:

– a double oven (electric) and four burner hob (gas) with extractor hood over
– fridge
– freezer (full size, not just an ice box)
– dishwasher
– microwave oven
– kettle and toaster
– coffee percolator
– electric steamer with rice bowl
– electric hand mixer for cakes, fluffy omelettes or creamy mash potato
– mini food processor for sauces, or for blending baby food if you have an infant
– crockery, cutlery and glassware for up to 9 place settings, and a set of extras in case you should have visitors for lunch
– ample cooking dishes, pans, casseroles and utensils etc to prepare a large family meal
– teatowels and washing up cloths
– washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets

There is also a four burner gas barbecue, utensils and table and chairs for use on the terrace.

You can download a full list of all of the kitchen equipment and crockery we provide here:  Kitchen Inventory

If there is anything you want to check is on site before packing, please ask.



Guests who wish to explore the Long Mynd on foot or by bike are very welcome.

You can wash any mucky gear in the washing machine, there is a pulley airer in the utility for drying clothes, and a tumble dryer for any items which are needed more quickly. There is a sturdy coat rack in the utility with a drip tray provided underneath for wet coats and waterproofs to dry off, and a large boot rack for drying footwear.

Bikes can be locked up to secure rings in the walls inside the garage and any other outdoor equipment which needs protection can be closed away in the garage. Please note that we have made it as easy as possible for you to secure your equipment, but you should, as on any trip, have your own insurance for any valuable equipment when away from home.

We provide a high quality universal tyre pump, a tyre lever, chain lubricant, a hose pipe, outside tap and a large water trough for washing your equipment down. There is a supply of old towels for wiping equipment down so you can clean without worrying about messing up house towels.

Please see the page on exploring the Long Mynd for some ideas on where to start your explorations and for details of local organisations and equipment shops. The guest information in the house includes a number of cycle routes of differing difficulties, information on other cycling friendly businesses locally, as well as contacts for local weather forecasts.

If you are arriving by public transport and need to transfer yourself, your luggage or your bike to the house, please ask us for details and we may be able to meet you and bring you to the house, and transfer your bike for your onward journey at the end of your stay. We also have details of local taxi services who can help.


We have tried to make The Holt as comfortable as possible for families with young children. Going away with kids always means carting huge carloads of gear with you, and hopefully we can reduce the packing a little for you!

The Holt provides:

– a day bed in the family room, plus space alongside for a cot or Zbed (provided)
– stairgates for you to fit at the top and/or bottom of the stairs if you need to
– a travel cot with two mattress heights so it is suitable for newborns, and a changing mat with safety straps. We also provide an additional safety foam cot mattress to fit, as travel cot mattresses are not always comfortable for a whole week. The cot comes with a fitted sheet and a spare on site – please bring your own top bedding as this is a very personal choice.
– one junior bed side fixing to add to the day bed or twin beds for children who still sometimes tumble out (you may push the bed against the wall on the other side)
– small step to allow children to stand at the sink or to reach the toilet
– a potty and toddler toilet seat 
– one booster chair which straps on to an ordinary dining chair, plus a travel booster which folds in to a rucksack, so you can go on a daytrip or picnic and still feed your baby properly.
– a set of plastic plates, bowls, tumblers, and cutlery
– bolting gate on the roof terrace to prevent children from accessing the stairs to the garden without your knowledge
– a large entrance hall with enough room to park a pushchair
– we do NOT provide a baby monitor as everyone gets used to their own monitor and a strange monitor does not give the same peace of mind as one you are familiar with. If you need a baby monitor for your child’s room please bring one with you.

Garden use for children: Please note that we have lovely gardens here, but they are naturally on a slope because of the hillside location. We have installed safety fencing around the perimeter of the gardens to prevent children wandering by accident across the boundary on to the steep hillside, and there is a gate on the front drive, but you will obviously need to keep younger children under supervision. There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore, though! The Holt has a lovely roof terrace with a fence around it, and a locking gate which closes off the steps to the garden, so you can restrict young children from the garden at times when you want to relax yourself!

Bedding for children:
The day bed (in the family room) is made up with a fitted sheet, a single duvet and two pillows. It has a plastic coating on one side of the mattress for unforeseen accidents. The twin beds are normal single beds. If your child has accidents at night (especially when zonked out after a tiring exciting trip!) please feel free to bring any waterproof sheets you use at home and a spare single fitted sheet. You have access to the washing machine and tumble dryer if needed. The cot has a fitted sheet, but please bring your child’s own top bedding. We also have Zbeds available if you need them.


The Holt is near the top of the Burway hill, and as such has lots of slopes, as you can see in the photographs. It may not be suitable for guests who have complex physical disabilities because of the location, you will need to weigh that up for yourself.  However we want guests in a party who are a bit less mobile to be able to join in with the rest of the group and as such have done our best to make the house as accessible as possible for guests who might find steps a problem.

You can drive directly from the town up to the house and onto the drive.  There is a small set of steps from the drive which we cannot ramp because of the incline but which are deep enough for a helper to bring most chairs up backwards one step at a time. We have a small ramp for the entrance steps in front of the door should lifting to a threshold prove difficult.  The ramp is stored in the garage and can be used on request, for light chairs and pushchairs. More details of the step size, and photographs are given in the access statement which you can download at the end of this section, but if you are at all concerned, please ask us for any additional details before you pay your deposit so you can decide for yourself whether it is suitable.

Once in the house moving about is easier. There is a double sofa bed in the living room, with full bedding, and downstairs shower room nearby. So if your party has guests who prefer not to have to negotiate the stairs for bed, they may use this option. If the sloping garden is too difficult to negotiate, guests can enjoy the roof terrace leading from the kitchen and living room.

If one of your party has a difficulty with mobility and you are not sure whether The Holt will be suitable, please ask and we’ll do our best to give you the information you need to make your decision.

ACCESS STATEMENT – We have prepared a longer access statement, with threshold sizes, chair and bed heights and more details of steps and entrances,  which you can download and read at your leisure. Click here – Access Statement